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Interior Design

My passion, interior design, has always been easy for me to define. I think the seed was genetically planted as my family has a long vein of artistic talent running through it. It has been somewhat cultivated over the years by endless trips to fabric stores brought on by my mother’s search for the perfect textile and my father’s love of architecture.

Fire Hazards and Detail

I have memories, from a young age up to now, of tagging along through fabric store after fabric store on Queen Street in Toronto, Manhattan’s garment district, and Philadelphia’s fabric row. Just when I thought I had seen every textile known to man I was taken to a few tucked away places in Chinatown, NY, where I remember seeing rows of brilliant silks lined against the wall. I never found these trips, even when younger, to be boring or cumbersome. Rather, I enjoyed seeing the different colors, textures, and designs of the fabrics. I found the stacks and stacks of fabrics in stores that my father would refer to as “fire hazards” to be exciting and the possibilities of what could be created with them endless. These trips always included visits to museums and other landmarks in which my parents never missed an opportunity to point out the beauty that lied within these structures. It was here that I saw detail and scale through my father’s eyes and knew quite early that I wanted to combine the two and make it my career.


I currently work as an interior designer with NEXT Architecture in Pittsburgh, Pa. I have worked for NEXT since my junior year of college starting as an intern and taking on a full-time position after graduating from Philadelphia University with a Bachelors Degree in Interior Design. I chose the program at Philadelphia University  because it is ranked among the top 10 in the country by Design Intelligence. The program is also ranked fourth in the U.S. for collegiate programs deemed strongest in the following skill areas: Computer Applications and Cross-Disciplinary Teamwork. I have been fortunate to have been taught not only the mechanics of design but also the human experience and how it relates to the built environment. Additionally, sketching classes at Phila U gave me an appreciation of dimension, perspective, and the beauty found in nature and simple objects. It has been instilled in me to find inspiration within my surroundings and apply them outside the box. My current skill set includes InDesign,  Autocad, Photoshop, Revit, SketchUp, drafting, and hand rendering.

Lacrosse has also been a big part of my life from middle school to high school and in to college. I have been a starting player for Philadelphia University since my freshman year and have won awards for Rookie of the Year and Unsung Hero in addition to helping drive my team to championships in 2014 and 2016. In 2016 I was awarded Defensive Player of the Year in my conference and was chosen to be Captain of my team for 2017.